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Get outdoors… with activities for snow or sand

Once the holidays are over, you may be looking for some fun things to do with your family to break up the winter months and stay active. Whether you live in a cold climate, or one that’s warm most of the year, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Start with the lists below and get moving!

If you live where it snows, try:

Head to your local sledding hill for a fun, aerobic workout that requires you to use multiple muscle groups to steer as you speed down hills. You’ll get even more exercise as you walk with your sled back up the hill … so you can go down again.

Cross-country skiing
Cross-country skiing uses both your upper and lower body, making it one of the most effective winter workouts. Another advantage of this family fitness activity is that you can do it in a nearby park-you don’t have to hit the slopes, which can be pricey.

Ice skating
Here’s another winter exercise that’s great for family fitness. As with skiing, how fast and how long you skate will determine how many calories you ultimately burn. Another plus: If you skate outside, it may be a free activity.

If you want a winter fitness activity that offers
a total body workout plus great fun for family fitness, try snowshoeing. Once you purchase the snowshoes, it’s also a low-cost activity.

Snow tubing
Sometimes the simplest activities are the best. Add this activity to your winter routine, and your family will have a blast barreling down hills on top of rubber tubes. The advantage to snow tubing is that you don’t need any of the coordination or balance skills that skiing or skating require. Everyone in your family, no matter how small or how tall, can participate.

If you live near sand, try:

Touch football
Football can be a great family fitness activity if you don’t have to worry about cold weather. If you’re worried about the safety of family members due to differing ages and sizes, make it touch or tag football rather than a traditional tackle game.

Walking or running
Walking is a great exercise and a fitness activity the whole family can enjoy. You’ll get added benefits if you walk on sand, thanks to the extra resistance.

This is definitely a good way to get a core workout. Paddleboarding on a lake or ocean is a great total body workout and it’s a fun activity for couples, too.

The warm-climate alternative to ice skating, rollerblading is a great way to get some cardiovas­cular activity in and work on your balance and core strength. Just be sure to wear protective gear.

If you can swim outside this time of year, you’ll get a great all-over workout that’s easy on the joints. Make the most of the warm weather and bring your family along, too, for a game of water volleyball.

Enjoy some outdoor exercise this winter­ and make the most of the season no matter where you live!