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Working with Business Owners to Axe Your Tax & Grow Your Cash For Better Business Growth

T&H Comptrollers CPA works with you to deliver strategic, business, and accounting advice for your business. Our approach is simple, straightforward, and practical: we help you cut your tax and smooth out your cash flow to give greater control in your business.

Ready to axe your tax and grow your cash?

Accounting Advice
That Saves You Money & Grows Your Business

We’re Perfect If You Want To…
  • Pay less tax… You’re desperate to keep more money in your pocket, and invest more of what you keep back into your business.
  • Clean up your books… You’re wanting to get your business records up-to-date and accurate, but currently it looks all over the place.
  • Take more control over your business… You’re determined to get your business operating more efficiently to improve your cash flow and profits.
  • Prepare to retire in comfort… You’re committed to protect what you earn, and build long-term business and personal equity for your life after work.


We work hard to put more cash in your pocket to grow your
business and keep you on track with your finances.

Accounting Is More Than Just Filing a Tax Return; It’s About Growing Your Business with Solid, Reliable Advice & Strategies That Work

We Only Succeed When You Succeed!

Let’s face it… you’re probably busy, and the last thing you want to think about is reviewing numbers and evaluating your business. You may be missing out on family time, and the work you’re doing could be mentally and physically tough at times. With so many plates spinning all at once, it’s possible you’ve forgotten why you started your business in the first place!

And if your accountant tends to do a runner on you, and doesn’t return your calls, you may feel brushed aside and frustrated.

You're possibly even lying in bed at night thinking about the following...

Why am I working so much, yet there’s little money left in my bank account?

You’re working 7-days a week, your business is literally operating “one day at a time,” and you’re feeling out of control with everything.

Where is all my money going, and why do I feel I’m being ripped off?

Your customers are paying you late, your workers aren’t submitting accurate timesheets, and worse, you’re paying way too much tax!

Is there someone that can offer me simple pricing I can budget for?

You want an accountant that is available to answer your questions, and gives sound business advice to help you grow.

Is there a better way to structure my finances so I can scale?

So you get to step back more, grow your business efficiently, increase profits without increasing effort, and get more time back for yourself.

If you’re looking for answers to any of these questions, T&H Comptrollers CPA can help. We like to pick-up the phone, listen to the things you need, and offer 1-2-1 advice.

Accounting Services That Are Reliable, Trustworthy, and Take a Load off Your Plate...

We understand the challenges of running a business. You need an adviser that is as invested in your business as you are. That’s where we came in… we treat your business as if it’s our own.

Our services offer a fresh insight into where your business stands, how to make it profitable, and most importantly, how to protect and grow what you earn!

How we can lighten your load…

Our Services


Get out of the books and back to your business


Avoid payroll filling issues and day-to-day processing by handing complex work over to us.


Let us guide you toward a healthy financial future.


No two tax clients are the same. Enjoy tax support tailored to your needs.

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We have years of experience and a wide range of Accounting Services to help grow your business.

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Our accounting team focuses solely on your financial goals and desired outcomes. Totally invested in your success, we work with your business as if it were our own. Contact T&H Comptrollers today for all your accounting services.